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The performance of Differential Pressure transmitters at installed conditions is determined by reference accuracy, static pressure effects and temperature effects. This install accuracy tool calculates the “Installed accuracy” of the transmitter including all of these effects. It also provides an estimate of the calibration interval depending on the user defined acceptable performance limit for the application. The tool offers a graphical comparison of the performance the Yokogawa DPharp transmitter against an industry typical value.

Calculation Formula

1) Calculation Formula used for Installed accuracy

E1: Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span
E2: Ambient Temperature Effects of Calibrated Span per 28°C change
E3: Static Span Effects of Calibrated Span per 6.9 MPa change *2
E4: Static Zero Effects of Calibrated Span per 6.9 MPa change

2) Calculation Formulae used for Formula of Calibration Interval


*1) Calculation results shown are based on Upper Range Limit (YOKOGAWA F/M/H/V capsule) which you selected, as applicable and a corresponding competitor models.

*2) Zeroing at line pressure eliminates the Static Pressure Zero error at that point only and cannot take into account actual line pressure variations in the process. This effect, which can be significant, is therefore included in the installed accuracy calculation.

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