DP harp

DPharp Performance Calculator
for Differential Pressure Transmitters

Input Condition

Enter your data, select which transmitters to compare and the performance tool will calculate the installed accuracy.

Calibrated span LRV kPa URV kPa
Static pressure low MPa high MPa
Ambient temperature
range of change
low °C high °C
Upper Range Limit
Device Model
Select devices for comparison
Reference accuracy at Calibration span
e.g. EJX110A M : ±0.04 [% of span]
% of span
Static pressure effect (Zero and Span) at the calibration span
e.g. EJX110A M (URL=100kPa):
Span Effects + Zero Effect
Span Effects = ±0.075×InputStaticPressure/6.9MPa [% of span]
Effect on Zero = ±(0.02×URL/span×InputStaticPressure/6.9MPa [% of span]
% of span
Temperature effect at the input temperature
e.g. EJX110A M (URL=100kPa):
±(0.04 + 0.009×URL/span)×(InputTemperatureChange/28) [% of span]
% of span
Longterm Stability % per month
e.g. EJX110A M (URL=100kPa):
±(0.1×URL/span) per 10 years [% of span]
= ±(0.1×URL/span)× /(10years×12month) [% of span, per month]
% of span


Installed Accuracy.                                                                                                                                                                        

  EJA-E EJX Typical Custom
Installed Accuracy -% -% -% -%
Select to Calculate

Calibration Interval

1 year(s)

1 year

10 years

Required Performance ±% of span
Installed Accuracy
After 1 Year(s)
% 0 EJA-E EJX Typical Custom Model Accuracy
Calibration Interval
month 0 EJA-E EJX Typical Custom

Estimated Performance based on published General specifications as of May-2014. [Ver. 1.00]

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